The number of sessions needed for learning how to self-manage your symptoms varies from person to person, based on your particular situation. As a rule of thumb, 7-8 sessions would be sufficient. However, in certain cases, you may want to have more sessions to have more exposure to certain skills or receive extra support to practice difficult or feared activities that are meaningful to you (e.g. getting on and off the floor to be able to play with your children or practicing self-regulating techniques). On the other hand, you may want to take longer breaks between sessions in order to be able to practice the skills in your own time at a slower pace. The beauty of this work is that we can both work around your needs and be very flexible!



Apart from the one to one hour of work together, after each session you will also receive extra elements important for your treatment package, including:

- audios of the practices that you will experiment in session;

- copy of the slides that we will be using in session;

- reading material and/or online resources (e.g. educational videos) relevant to what covered during the session;

- one email exchange per week between me and you to check your progress, answer your questions and support you throughout your journey. 

It is possible to contact me directly via email to receive more information regarding your suitability, what you will gain from the sessions and how you can measure your own progress along the way. Before you book a session, a free 20 minutes first contact conversation is required to clarify whether this approach is something you feel you want to pursue.

Sessions can take place:

- Online so you can attend from the comfort of your home. I have experience in delivering the content of the sessions virtually, including body-work. You only need a good Internet speed and a laptop/computer or tablet.

- Face to face available at:

  Coulsdon Foot Health and Physiotherapy clinic (178 Brighton Rd, Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 2NF) 


If you decide to book a session, you may be asked to provide a copy of your medical records or a report from your previous health professionals. In certain cases, I may ask to get in touch with your General Practitioner or other Health Professionals involved in your care.

Cost per session for online work:

  •         £70 for first session (75 minutes)

  •         £60 for following sessions (60 minutes) 


Cost per session for face to face work:

  •         £70 per session (60 minutes)

Sessions can be paid as you go but need to be paid upfront before the beginning of the session.   

For more information or to book a free 20 minutes first contact conversation, please send an email to or use the function "Contact" at the top of this page.


Please take part in the survey to express your anonymous opinion on Pain Management Programmes:

Once you have done, please CONTACT US if you wish to let us know that you are interested in online Pain Management Programmes (in a group setting) and would like to be added to the waiting list and/or receive more indformation.