(starting November 2022)

Sometimes as adults, we find ourselves grown up but not very well equipped to face life demands and challenges. Sometimes we feel that coping with everything in life is just too much, that we become easily stressed or that we don't know how to manage our train of thoughts, emotions or even relationships.


This programme aims to provide you with a range of tools and skills to

overcome and self-manage these difficulties.

What covered in the programme

  • Understanding how survival mechanisms and past life events shape our physiology, mind and body

  • Practice self-awareness of your own neuro-physiology (body signals)

  • Self-care (including somatic-body work)

  • How to manage unpleasant or unhelpful thinking and strong emotions

  • Explore self- compassion and compassion for others

  • How to tune into your intuition and what is important to you

  • Managing relationships and communication


  • Understanding sensory processing sensitivity (HSP) and sensation seeking

  • Sleep-hygiene 

Fees: £50 per session (50 minutes - you can choose the skills you want to work on)


Whole programme: £360 (8 sessions)


All the skills and tools will be accompanied with some theoretical concepts as well as practical exercises that you will be required to practice in your own time.


The skills I will be teaching are neuroscience and evidence-informed and used often in other fields such as Pain Management, Sensory-Motor Psychology, Trauma therapy, Mindfulness, Yoga and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).