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Pain Management Explained

What is chronic pain?

Pain is regarded as chronic when it lasts or recurs for longer than 3 months. It is very frequent, as approximately 20% of the population worldwide has it and it can manifest in many different ways.  Irrespective of its aetiology (aka musculoskeletal, neuropathic, visceral etc.), chronic pain can be a high source of suffering and cause significant emotional distress and interference with activities of daily life.

The complexity of living with pain
Pain is a complex body-mind experience where not only physical sensations but also thoughts, beliefs, memories about difficult past experiences, emotions, and behaviours influence one another. Living with chronic pain can substantially impact on our internal world (how we think and feel), our perception of safety, relationships, work and leisure time and, ultimately, our overall quality of life.
If you have realised that your quality of life has been affected by pain and/or you would like to learn effective skills to better manage your pain and body symptoms, please contact me for a 20 minutes free chat so we can discuss whether the approach I offer may be suitable for you.

Examples of conditions treated

Chronic pain treatment by Dr. Valentina Buscemi in Greater London

Pain Management combined with Psychological support for Complex Pain (Multidisciplinary)
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What is Pain management?

The Pain Management Service is a body-mind, evidence-based approach (online or in-person).Learn effective self-management  ways to ease your symptoms, increase awareness of your "own physiology" and gain again control over your life in a totally new and refreshing way. The style of the sessions are mostly experiential, through a mixture of bodywork, cognitive and behavioural exercises tailored to your personal needs and goals.

Am I suitable for this approach?

Is your pain taking over important areas of your life? Do you tend to ignore the pain or get on with it to be able to get things done?

If you are experiencing long-term pain, chronic fatigue, muscle tension or stress-related body symptoms that is affecting your ability to have a full life, this might be the approach for you.

Check above examples of  Pain Conditions treated

An evidence-informed approach

The Pain Management Service uses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as a model of reference. ACT is an evidence-based behavioural model that teaches present moment awareness, value-based actions and other skills to handle difficult body sensations, personal internal experiences (e.g. difficult thoughts and emotions) and develop self-compassion and flexibility while engaging in meaningful activities.


In addition, this service combines ACT with other emerging theoretical and practical techniques applied to the pain experience, including Polyvagal Theory, self-regulation techniques, breath work, Mindfulness, Yoga-based movements to name a few.   

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